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4-H Project Funding and Scholarships

Project Assistance

Please note: Many projects have competitive events made available to them at the local, district, regional, state and/or national level. Financial assistance for these events is only available after youth have attended a qualifying event and are eligible to progress to the next level due to their award at the previous level. Please reference for more information about trip scholarships.

Livestock Projects 

Farm Credit Youth Loan

Active 4-H members may apply for a loan through Farm Credit for up to $2500. Projects must be a qualified 4-H project and income producing. There are no fees associated with this opportunity, however the loan must be paid back. Loans must be co-signed by a parent or guardian. A purchase of cooperative stock up to $50 (2%) of the loan amount is required. The loan term must not exceed 18 months. For more information visit

Gulf Coast Agricultural and Natural Resource Youth Organization Premiums

Each year for the GCA&NRYO Spring livestock show, the GCA&NRYO raises funds to support premiums for youth based on the awards they receive from the show. Premiums are in addition to the money youth raise from the sale of their animal and increase in value according to the award level received. Judging criteria and rules for participating in the show can be found at

As part of a livestock project, youth who participate in livestock competitions must secure a buyer for their animal. Buyers are willing to pay various amounts depending on the youth’s presentation of their animal for sale and level of salesmanship. Resources and tips for the best ways to secure a buyer coming soon!

Club Funds

4-H is a nonprofit and attempts to provide free youth development programming. Depending on the project a club or youth chooses to pursue, there may be costs related to equipment or activities needed. Some 4-H clubs may decide to collect money from members to cover the costs of club activities. They may also vote to collect dues at the beginning of the 4-H year to cover minor costs throughout the year.

Youth may approach their club in regard to receiving financial assistance for 4-H events and projects. Clubs must vote on and approve any distributions of funds for club members. Club minutes approving disbursements of funds should be turned into the 4-H office in order distribute monies.


Clubs may also decide to hold a fundraiser to help provide resources for their club or member’s projects or events. The club should make a budget of the needs they have that need financial support. This will provide justification for any fundraising the club will do. The club should fill out a fundraising application that can be found in the club leader’s notebook or at return it to the 4-H office for approval.

Fundraising guidelines can be found at

Various fundraising opportunities may be provided by the 4-H office throughout the year such as providing concessions or constructing a club fair booth for a premium.

Once clubs have received funds, money should be deposited in the club’s account with a monies received form. This can be found in the club leader notebook and at

Please bring all money to the 4-H office. Club leaders should submit reimbursement forms along with the club’s minutes approving the use of the funds for that purpose. Money from the club account will be used to reimburse the club leader. Reimbursement requests must be turned in to the 4-H office within 60 days of the date of purchase to be reimbursed. Please give two weeks for these checks to process. The check request form can be found in the club leader notebook as well as at

Florida 4-H Foundation Community Pride Grant

Clubs or groups who are planning a community service project and would like additional funding to go above and beyond can apply for the Florida 4-H Foundation’s Community Pride Grant by outlining their plan with completing a grant proposal. The 4-H Community Pride program involves helping the members of the group learn about their community and encourage them to improve the quality of their environment. Various amounts of funding dollars are granted based on the proposed project budget. Proposals are typically due late October. More information can be found at

4-H Military Partnership Grant

Each year, Escambia County 4-H applies for funding through the 4-H Military Partnership Grant to support military youth with 4-H projects and events. The amount of funding available changes each year. If a youth’s parent or guardian is a retired or active member of the military, the youth may request funds though this grant. To receive funding through this grant, please submit a request to the 4-H office. The request form can be found at (request form coming soon!) Grant funds that remain at the end of the year will be used to support military youth attending 4-H summer camp.

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