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4-H Volunteer Information


What type of volunteer are you? This will decide what level of screening you need.

Episodic Volunteers – Judges, day/single event volunteers, special interest program leaders.

Episodic volunteers have a basic background check run. Please let our office know that you would like to volunteer and we will do this for you.

These volunteers are not allowed to be alone with any youth at any time and must be with a 435 Level 2 screened volunteer when at a 4-H event.

ALL of the following types of volunteers need to fill out a volunteer application and return this to the county agent, at this point, the county agent will conduct a volunteer interview which is required for all new volunteers.  All volunteers should also register with as a volunteer with Escambia County and, if applicable, denote their club affiliation.

Activity Volunteers – Help organize youth to coordinate an activity. These volunteers may help out at events frequently or infrequently but serve 10+ hours with 4-H youth. These volunteers require Level 1 screening.

Project Volunteers – Help lead youth in an activity that engages their particular expertise as part of a full project. These volunteers may volunteer to lead youth in only one project but work hands on in teaching youth mastery of a skill/project.

Project and Activity volunteers must be Level 1 screened. These volunteers must have an application on file with us. This also requires registering with as a volunteer and OYCS training online at

Organizational and Co-Organizational Volunteers – Club leaders, overnight chaperones. This volunteer has the greatest responsibility and highest level of screening.

Organizational and Co-Organizational leaders are required to complete 435 Level 2 screening, in addition to Level 1 requirements. This requires the signing of an affidavit of good moral character and a formal background screening including fingerprinting. Escambia County 4-H will take on the cost of the fingerprinting process.


  1. Submit a volunteer application at 4HOnline at
  2. Talk to your 4-H Agent. The agent will interview you and orient you to volunteerism in Escambia County.
  3. Complete youth protection training (brief online video and quiz) at

STEPS TO 435 LEVEL 2 SCREENING (rrequired for all 4-H Organizational, Co-Organizational,  Shooting Sports-Volunteers, and Overnight Chaperones):

  1. Complete all the steps for Level 1 screening.
  2. Sign and return an Affidavit of Good Moral Character to the 4-H office.
  3. Schedule a fingerprinting with the Escambia County 4-H office. Bring your Driver License to the 4-H Office to arrange an appointment for fingerprinting and photo. You will not be responsible for paying any fees associated with fingerprinting.

Once you have been cleared, you will be ready to go!

EXCEPTIONS to fingerprinting requirement for 435 Level 2 screening:

  • Teachers screened under Florida Statue 1012 standards with no more than a 90 day lapse in service (must obtain letter from School Board stating the type of screening you had, and the date)
  • Volunteers previously screened with 435 Level 2 prior to this policy (within 5 years)


According to new Florida legislature Youth Protection Policies, no single adult can be with any youth at any time. TWO adults must be present with youth at all times. One of these adults must be a Level 1 or Level 2 screened 4-H volunteer.

When transporting youth, two screened adults must be present in the vehicle, regardless of how many youth are being transported, OR a vehicle with one screened adult can be in a convoy with a vehicle with another screened adult volunteer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the extension office at 475-5230. Thank you for completing this new security process, and for all that you do for 4-H.

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