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Deer Fly Management for Homeowners

A bite from a deer fly (Family Tabanidae) is a truly unpleasant experience. It is not only painful but many people have an allergic reaction that results in a swollen itchy welt at the sight of the bite. Although there are not many management techniques, homeowners can make a trap to help limit some activity in the backyard. See the UF directions for making your own deer fly trap at http://entomology.ifas.ufl.edu/pestalert/deerfly.htm

Remember never to use motor oils or other unlabeled products in managing these insects that could have harmful consequences to other animals or our environment.

A blue colored cylinder covered with sticky material makes an effective removal trap for deer flies and other tabanids when attached to a slow moving object (< 7 mi/hr). Photograph by R.F. Mizell, University of Florida.

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