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Lichens In the Garden

Lichens are a natural occurrence in nature. Learn about the relationship between a fungus and an algae and why they are common in landscapes.

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Necessary Maintenance for Zoysiagrass

Zoysiagrass is becoming very popular for many new lawn installations. Before you choose zoysiagrass, make sure you are aware that it will require dethatching within a few years. This is normally a practice that needs to be performed by a landscape professional. They will need to evaluate the turf’s thatch level and use an appropriate …

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Deer Fly Management for Homeowners

A bite from a deer fly (Family Tabanidae) is a truly unpleasant experience. It is not only painful but many people have an allergic reaction that results in a swollen itchy welt at the sight of the bite. Although there are not many management techniques, homeowners can make a trap to help limit some activity …

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Zoysiagrass Workshop for Horticulture Industry professionals

Zoysiagrass is becoming a very popular turf for new lawns and developments.  Beyond the installation, do you as a landscape maintenance professional know how to properly care for zoysiagrass so that it continues to grow well and look appealing after installation?  Plan to attend the Evidence-based Zoysiagrass Management workshop to learn about specific care techniques …

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Repeat Blooming Azaleas

Azaleas remain a well known Spring flowering shrub but flowers often fade to soon. New developments in the industry have introduced the Encore Azalea, a repeat bloomer. Learn more about this azalea In the Garden with Escambia Extension.

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Dividing Perennials In the Garden

Many of our favorite perennials benefit from dividing. Learn the techniques In the Garden with Escambia Extension.

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In the Garden with Warm Season Herbs

Our change in season means it is time to start growing your favorite warm season herbs.  Learn about planting and growing herbs In the Garden with Escambia Extension.

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Wait Until April for Lawn Fertilizer

Many of us want an attractive lawn this season and recent warm weather encourages us to act now. Be cautious not to act too quickly with your fertilizer application. Despite warmer temperatures, it is still the recommendation to wait until April for applying nitrogen fertilizer. UF studies show that nitrogen applied before April 15 easily …

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All About Growing Tomatoes

Most ever gardener wants to grow tomatoes but the end results are not always as expected. Learn the techniques for growing productive tomatoes in our climate. Specifics will include when to start seeds, container mixes, and general care. Learn to choose selections that have shown success in our climate. Participants will be able to purchase …

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Solitary Bees Make Their Return

Consider yourself lucky this year if your landscape is found to be a suitable spot for one of our solitary bees. Late winter and spring are the times when these beneficial bees begin their development, causing interest and concern for many homeowners. The majority of bee species do not produce a colony. The solitary bees …

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