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  4. It’s May… and the Official Beginning of Turtle Season — May 4, 2017
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Local Seafood, What’s in Peak Season? November

As we try to do every month, we will list local seafood that is currently in peak season and should be a good bet for your next tailgate or holiday gathering. Again, we are considering LOCAL seafood as any seafood product that is harvested or cultured within 250 miles of your area – in our …

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Burmese Python Hatchlings Found in Florida Keys – snake owners must be careful

Last month three Burmese Python hatchlings were found in Key Largo.  This is concerning.  Burmese Pythons are large snakes – up to 18 ft. – and can eat a wide variety of vertebrate animals – including alligators.  They can certainly cause a problem for local wildlife and pets.  State and federal agencies have had traps placed …

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Water Quality Update – September 23, 2016

Health Advisories – 0 FDEP only sampled one location this week – Bayou Texar – Enterococcus value was 18 colonies / 100ml of sample 9should not be over 104 colonies) Fish Kills – 0 FWC dis not report any fish kills for the Pensacola Bay area for the month of September Red Tide Karenia brevis …

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Panhandle Estuaries – National Estuaries Week

Humans have been settling on, and around, coastal estuaries since they first arrived in the panhandle over 10,000 years ago. These bodies of water have provided food and recreation as long as anyone can remember.  They are a magnet for those looking to build homes or businesses – and we continue to be attracted to …

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Let’s Go Camping!

This past week I was camping at a state park near Gainesville. Working on a variety of computer related items while sitting in my chair, you were acutely attuned to the sounds of life around you.  Small “pat-pat-pat” could be heard in the leaf litter around the tent.  Curious to what it was making the …

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Water Quality Update – Sep 9, 2016

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection only sampled Bayou Texar this week… all looks fine. The Enterococcus bacteria levels (which should not be above 104 colonies / 100ml of sample) was reported at 4 colonies. The Escambia County Health Department sampled both Bayou Texar and Sanders Beach and both were reported as “Good”. There are no fish kills …

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Health Advisory Issued for Bayou’s Texar and Chico

Enterococcus levels in Bayou’s Texar and Chico are elevated enough this week that a health advisory has been issued for those two bodies of water.  Escambia County Health Department reported those two bayou’s as POOR and Bayou Grande as MODERATE. Here are the numbers. FDEP Water Body    Temp (F)   Salinity (ppt)   DO(mg/L)   ENT bacteria count …

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The International Coastal Clean Up is Coming in September – how are we doing with marine debris in our area?

People have been trying to do something about marine debris, and solid waste in general, since we saw the commercial of the crying Indian in the early ‘70’s. Have we made any improvement? Yes… but there are still problems to deal with.   Literally millions of tons of solid waste are produced and disposed of …

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An Early Study Shows the Invasion of the Asian Tiger Shrimp Could Have an Impact on Native Shrimp

The Asian Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) have been reported across the northern Gulf of Mexico for several years now but unlike Cogon grass, Chinese tallow, and Lionfish they have not really made the press.  We know they are there, but captures in shrimp trawls seem to be infrequent… it just does not look like a …

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September is Microplastics Awareness Month

Going along with the International Coastal Clean Up, UF/IFAS Extension will be promoting September as Microplastics Awareness month.   If you have not heard, microplastics are small pieces of plastic < 5mm in diameter. Some are fragments from larger pieces of plastic that have been broken down by the elements, others are produced at that …

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