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Health Advisory Issued for Bayou’s Texar and Chico

Enterococcus levels in Bayou’s Texar and Chico are elevated enough this week that a health advisory has been issued for those two bodies of water.  Escambia County Health Department reported those two bayou’s as POOR and Bayou Grande as MODERATE. Here are the numbers. FDEP Water Body    Temp (F)   Salinity (ppt)   DO(mg/L)   ENT bacteria count …

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The International Coastal Clean Up is Coming in September – how are we doing with marine debris in our area?

People have been trying to do something about marine debris, and solid waste in general, since we saw the commercial of the crying Indian in the early ‘70’s. Have we made any improvement? Yes… but there are still problems to deal with.   Literally millions of tons of solid waste are produced and disposed of …

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An Early Study Shows the Invasion of the Asian Tiger Shrimp Could Have an Impact on Native Shrimp

The Asian Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon) have been reported across the northern Gulf of Mexico for several years now but unlike Cogon grass, Chinese tallow, and Lionfish they have not really made the press.  We know they are there, but captures in shrimp trawls seem to be infrequent… it just does not look like a …

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September is Microplastics Awareness Month

Going along with the International Coastal Clean Up, UF/IFAS Extension will be promoting September as Microplastics Awareness month.   If you have not heard, microplastics are small pieces of plastic < 5mm in diameter. Some are fragments from larger pieces of plastic that have been broken down by the elements, others are produced at that …

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Water Quality Update – Aug 26, 2016

FDEP Only sampled at one location this week – Bayou Texar – but all looks good there.  – Salinity is lower than normal ( 6.5 ppt) but bacteria levels and dissolved oxygen are fine. ECHD sampled for bacteria at three locations – Texar, Sanders Beach, and Big Lagoon State Park – all good. Red tide was …

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It’s Sea Turtle Hatching Time… what you can do to help them

It is August, we are just off another successful Sea Turtle Baby Shower event in the Pensacola area, and we are in peak season for sea turtle hatching. Those little guys have a tough road to follow trying to emerge from their nest to reach the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Within the …

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Peak Seafood – August

Each month Sea Grant provides a list of local seafood species that are currently in peak season.  Some species are regulated differently in different states so even though it may be listed as being in peak season – the reader should check with local state agencies to determine if there are any current regulations that …

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The Return of the Bay Scallop

MAN do folks in the Florida panhandle like scallops. Scalloping is a fun activity that gets the whole family outside snorkeling and finding all sorts of local marine life… and scallops taste good.  I remember in years gone by collecting scallops and broiling them in butter right there at the camp site…. Good times!   …

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10,000 Lionfish Have Been Submitted in the FWC Lionfish Challenge

The state is doing their best to try to remove lionfish.  After the success Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day held across the state – and in Pensacola – the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission initiated a Lionfish Challenge.  In this program divers submit lionfish tails to local dive shops.  The number of tails submitted …

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Water Wars… can we avoid it?

On a recent camping trip out west I was made aware of just how valuable water is. The American west has been battling water issues for a few years now.  Some camp showers had buttons that would provide you water for a couple of minutes, others charged $.50 for four minutes, some charged $1.00 for four …

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