Water…Myth or Fact?

  Summer has arrived. During the summer months, especially along the Gulf Coast it is hot and humid. Keeping the body hydrated is important to maintain good health. As the temperature rises in the summer and the body loses more water through evaporation and perspiration, it makes good sense to increase your intake of fluids. …

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Milk……..What’s in it for you?

June is National Dairy Month. National Dairy month was first celebrated in 1937 to encourage Americans to drink more milk.  Milk and dairy products comprise a diverse group of foods from fluid milks, fermented milk products, and to over 500 cheeses. Generations of American children have grown up hearing the same parental advice, “Drink your …

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Spring Showers? Use Whole Grain Flours.

Wedding showers, baby showers, graduation parties – let’s face it, about half the celebration is based on the food that is served. Trays and plates of tasty morsels include a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and tastes. Why not include some healthy, whole grain options to join in on the fun? Whole grain foods contain …

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What’s Shaking…..Too Much Salt

National Salt Awareness Week March 10 – 16, 2017 is National Salt Awareness Week. Salt is the main source of sodium in the American diet. Sodium is a mineral only needed by the body in small amounts. It is found in foods, mostly as sodium chloride. Sodium has an important role in maintaining good health, …

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Smart Holiday Packaging

During the holiday season nothing carries good cheer and holiday spirit across the miles like receiving a package full of homemade treats. If you go to the effort of preparing food gifts you want to be sure the contents arrive in the condition they were sent in. The first step is to pack it right. …

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FOR THE HEALTH OF IT COOKING SOLO   A large and ever growing number live the single live these days. You have a lot of company and something in common: freedom of choice. Cooking for one or two can be creative and nutritious whether you’re a novice cook or your family has grown and moved …

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Peanut Butter and Socks

It’s that time of year: going to Friday night football games, decorating with pumpkins, welcoming in some cooler weather, and harvesting our locally grown peanuts and cotton. This also means it’s time for the Peanut Butter Challenge. We collect jars of unopened peanut butter throughout the Northwest Panhandle of Florida through November 23rd. (Contact the …

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