100 Year Flood?

  In this recent era of unprecedented rainstorms, the terms “100-year flood” and “500-year flood” are in the news on a regular basis. Depending on the source, I have seen Hurricane Harvey weigh in as an 800 or even 1,000-year flood. But what does this mean? Has there not been this much rain in Texas …

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Protect Your Home Before Hurricane Season Begins

With the commencement of summer also comes the beginning of hurricane season (June 1-November 30). For most, your home is your biggest investment and relied upon to keep families safe from the elements. The worst storms typically arrive in August and September, so early summer leaves plenty of time to prepare and make upgrades to …

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Looking back: One Year Anniversary of the April 2014 Floods

A year ago today, southwest Alabama and northwest Florida experienced a devastating storm that left hundreds without access to their homes and businesses. Many buildings were flooded and people were stranded by a hurricane-force storm that didn’t come with the luxury of a week’s warning. Rainfall records in Pensacola go back to 1879, and the …

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Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program: Clearing the Muddy Waters

Recent storms have highlighted the need and importance of flood insurance for many families who may not have ever considered it, while many people living in floodplains are concerned about recent changes to the national flood insurance program. Searching for information and resources? Come learn about what the changes may mean for you, your home …

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Everybody Lives in a Flood Zone

To say that Florida is prone to hurricanes is an understatement, at best. Between 1851 and 2012, every county in our state endured between 65 and 141 tropical storms and hurricanes. Many counties average one named storm every 1.1 years. While other states have coastal regions vulnerable to hurricanes, the entire state of Florida lies …

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