Florida Ecosystems

Cooking from the Estuary

Shrimp, blue crab and many species of fish depend on our local estuaries. Places like Perdido, Pensacola and Escambia Bays, Bayous Texar, Grande and Chico and Big Lagoon are home to local seafood species.   In celebration of National Estuaries Week, UF/IFAS Extension Florida Sea Grant and Family and Consumer Sciences will offer the “Cooking …

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Lionfish Removal & Awareness Day

Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day Flier May 14 – 15, 2016 Lionfish tastings Fillet demonstrations Family activities Celebrity chefs Raffles and prizes Conservation vendors Visit:  http://ReefRangers.com/Event-info  

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Seagrass Awareness!

The importance of seagrasses has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately. Come join us to learn more about seagrasses, marine creatures that live in seagrasses, and learn how to protect them at the 16th annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration! Seagrass Awareness is an annual free family event held at Shoreline Park South …

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Florida Master Naturalist class starting soon!

Want a firsthand look at northwest Florida’s wetland habitats? Register now for the Florida Master Naturalist Program’s hands-on learning experience this spring. The Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) is a hands-on learning experience for adults. The FMNP both informs and prepares individuals to share information about Florida’s natural areas and environmental history. Classes will begin …

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National Estuaries Week! – Ecotourism

A couple of years a few agencies in south Alabama put together something they called the Alabama Birding Trail. It was a relatively simple idea really – they developed a brochure that marked different locations where visitors could enjoy birding in the two county area. They had large signs posted at those locations so that …

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National Estuaries Week! – Seafood

Yea, seafood… who doesn’t like seafood… actually, based on a small scale survey I conducted with marine science students over the last 28 years I have found a slight increase in the number of those who do not. Curious about this, I followed up by asking whether their concern was seafood safety or other. Almost …

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National Estuaries Week! – What is an Estuary?

Welcome to National Estuaries Week! Each year in the fall NOAA and other agencies try to educate residents about estuaries. The vast majority of humans on our planet live on, or near, an estuary – many not realizing the importance those bodies of water have on our economy and quality of life. We live on …

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Panhandle Outdoors LIVE!

Aucilla River Sinks Hike A portion of the Aucilla River flows through a landscape of dramatic and unusual geologic formations. Join us for this tour to see an amazing sequence of sinks and river rises, created as the river alternately disappears into the underlying karst and resurfaces. Fringed with moss-draped trees and native palms, the …

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The Mystery on Seahorse Key

First let me explain that Seahorse Key is not in the Florida Panhandle but the story is interesting and a similar phenomena could occur here. Seahorse Key is an isolated island 3.6 miles southwest of Cedar Key in Florida’s Big Bend. There is a science lab owned and maintained by the University of Florida and …

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“Wanted” Sighting of Horseshoe Crabs!

These curious ancient animals have been roaming the waters of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico for over 450 million years. Though they appear dangerous they are quite harmless and are actually more closely related to spiders and scorpions than crabs. Horseshoe crabs are not as common in Pensacola as they are in Panama City …

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