Panhandle Outdoors LIVE! – Watershed School – Week’s Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Mobile Bay?… part of the Florida panhandle?… Really?… Well… yes… during the colonial period “West Florida” extended west to the Biloxi area and besides, all western panhandlers know we are really “lower Alabama”; we hear it a million times a year… so YES, it’s part of the Florida panhandle! We’ll go with it. Approximately 35 …

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National Estuaries Week! – Ecotourism

A couple of years a few agencies in south Alabama put together something they called the Alabama Birding Trail. It was a relatively simple idea really – they developed a brochure that marked different locations where visitors could enjoy birding in the two county area. They had large signs posted at those locations so that …

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Panhandle Outdoors LIVE!

Aucilla River Sinks Hike A portion of the Aucilla River flows through a landscape of dramatic and unusual geologic formations. Join us for this tour to see an amazing sequence of sinks and river rises, created as the river alternately disappears into the underlying karst and resurfaces. Fringed with moss-draped trees and native palms, the …

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The Giant Banana Spiders – part of our panhandle summer

TELL ME NO!  Please tell me these huge spiders are not a part of our summer. People are afraid snakes… that’s a given – but there are just as many afraid of spiders.  Honestly, after years of leading field hikes into the north Florida environment, when we encounter a spider web on the trail I …

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Alligators Become More Active in Spring

The American Alligator is an icon of the state of Florida. Viewed on the program “Swamp People” and as the mascot of the University of Florida, most visitors to our state see this animal more on television than in the wild; but they are certainly there. In need of mates and calories from the lack …

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Outdoor Adventure is Nearby!

This time of year, many families are looking for ways to entertain their kids during spring break. For those not planning to travel far, our area is full of fun, and often inexpensive, outdoor adventures. As part of a series of field excursions led by Extension Agents over the past few years, we’ve been able …

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Fall Season Can Mean More Snake Encounters

In the last few weeks we have received an increase in calls about snake encounters. Most of these have dealt with small juvenile snakes folks are finding on their property, or in their homes, but we are also hearing about large ones.     Most of the 56 species of snakes found in the southeastern …

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Snake Watch – June 16, 2014

SNAKE SEEKING NEAR CANTONMENT FLORIDA   We are quickly approaching the warmer months of summer and the high temperatures that come with it.  In the higher temperatures snakes will seek shelter; venturing out more often during the cooler mornings and evenings and during rain events.  This week I searched the Langley Bell 4-H Camp and …

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Heavy Flooding Can Mean Snakes in the Yard

This week Escambia County experienced one of the more devastating rain events in recent memory.  The community is facing issues such as erosion, lost roadways, and flooded structures but there is another we need to be aware of… wildlife.  When water rises many animals will seek high ground; fire ants are one many have already …

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking for help in tracking the occurrence of four species of snakes.  The eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the Florida pine snake, the short-tailed snake, and the southern hognose snake.  All four snakes are considered rare and are listed with the Florida Natural Areas Inventory .  The purpose of …

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