Rain barrel

National Estuaries Week! – What We Can Do

In the last edition in this series we discussed some of the issues and problems our estuaries are facing. For the final edition for National Estuaries Week we want to leave you with some ideas on you can help improve things.   The first issue we dealt with was eutrophication – or nutrient overloading. The …

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Back by popular demand…the Rain Barrel Workshop!

Want to learn more about how to protect our local waterways from pollution while conserving water yourself? Join us on Tuesday, August 18 at 10 am for an informative workshop on ways to prevent stormwater runoff and build your own rain barrel at the same time! The workshop will be held at the Bayview Senior Center, …

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Reducing Sanitary Sewage Overflows

  As we continue to try and improve recreational water quality around the state we are constantly looking for the sources and solutions for the problem.  Many environmental scientists would agree that the number one issue our surface waters are combating are excessive nutrients.  These nutrients spawn algal blooms which can decrease water clarity and …

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Improving Water Quality: Part 5 of 5 – Monitoring

In our five part series on improving water quality in Pensacola Bay we have discussed the problems our bay is facing, how you can re-landscape your yard to reduce runoff, how to develop a living shoreline if you are a waterfront property owner, and how boaters and marinas can reduce their impact.  The last installment …

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Heavy Rain Brings Water Quality Concerns; Part 2 of 5: Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Last week, Rick discussed how a wide range of pollutants contained in stormwater can cause increases in bacteria, algae, and turbidity in local water bodies. Part 2 of our Water Quality series relates to the Florida Friendly Landscaping (FFL) program.  Begun in Escambia County in 2003, the aim of FFL is to reduce the contributions …

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Rainwater: A Plentiful and Reusable Resource!

There have been very few days this summer without a thunderstorm–as I write this, the wind is picking up and the clouds are rolling in, once again. According to recent weather data, Escambia County has received 46 inches of rain this year (16 inches just in July), which is over 70% of our annual average of …

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Conserve Water with a Rain Barrel

Floridians use more water than any other state for irrigation, and a typical home sprinkler system can account for half of the household water bill during the summer.  The Panhandle of Florida also receives an average of 65 inches of rain a year, the highest in the state and nearly twice the national average. One of …

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