National Estuaries Week! – Ecotourism

A couple of years a few agencies in south Alabama put together something they called the Alabama Birding Trail. It was a relatively simple idea really – they developed a brochure that marked different locations where visitors could enjoy birding in the two county area. They had large signs posted at those locations so that …

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National Estuaries Week! – What is an Estuary?

Welcome to National Estuaries Week! Each year in the fall NOAA and other agencies try to educate residents about estuaries. The vast majority of humans on our planet live on, or near, an estuary – many not realizing the importance those bodies of water have on our economy and quality of life. We live on …

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3 Ways You Can Help Keep Our Bay Healthy

Following a previous article on the number of ways you can help sea turtles, this week we will look at ways that local residents can help keep our waterways clean. Poor water quality is a concern all over the country, and so it is locally as well. When we have heavy rain all sorts of …

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Outdoor Adventure is Nearby!

This time of year, many families are looking for ways to entertain their kids during spring break. For those not planning to travel far, our area is full of fun, and often inexpensive, outdoor adventures. As part of a series of field excursions led by Extension Agents over the past few years, we’ve been able …

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2014 Agritourism & Ecotourism Business Development Conference

The University of Florida (UF) Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Extension Escambia and Santa Rosa counties and Naturally EscaRosa are pleased to announce that the 2014 Gulf Coast Agritourism & Ecotourism Business Development Conference will be held at Adventures Unlimited in Milton, Florida November 5-6. The conference will be an exciting blend of …

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend… FWC Releases 2013 Boating Accident Statistics

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend boating will increase all across the panhandle.  Last year 62 people lost their lives to boating accidents in the state of Florida, and there have been 11 recorded already in 2014.  FWC reports that not having a lookout is the leading cause of accidents and drowning is …

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UF Study Shows Pristine Ecosystems Reduce Nitrogen in Water

Environmental scientists have known for years that excessive organic matter in a system can contribute to excessive nitrogen loads.  Though aquatic plants need nitrogen excessive amounts can lead to algal blooms which in turn lead to reduce light for submerged plants and low dissolved oxygen, which can lead to fish kills.  In heavily vegetated areas …

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Reducing Sanitary Sewage Overflows

  As we continue to try and improve recreational water quality around the state we are constantly looking for the sources and solutions for the problem.  Many environmental scientists would agree that the number one issue our surface waters are combating are excessive nutrients.  These nutrients spawn algal blooms which can decrease water clarity and …

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Improving Water Quality: Part 5 of 5 – Monitoring

In our five part series on improving water quality in Pensacola Bay we have discussed the problems our bay is facing, how you can re-landscape your yard to reduce runoff, how to develop a living shoreline if you are a waterfront property owner, and how boaters and marinas can reduce their impact.  The last installment …

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Heavy Rain Brings Water Quality Concerns; Part 3 of 5 – Living Shorelines

Since the early days of statehood humans in Florida have been altering shorelines to suffice their economic or domestic concerns.  Like so many who came after them, the idea that waste could be diluted by discharging into waterways was common thought.  The removal of vegetated buffers along shorelines significant increased point and nonpoint discharge in …

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