Water Conservation

Water Wars… can we avoid it?

On a recent camping trip out west I was made aware of just how valuable water is. The American west has been battling water issues for a few years now.  Some camp showers had buttons that would provide you water for a couple of minutes, others charged $.50 for four minutes, some charged $1.00 for four …

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Florida Master Naturalist class starting soon!

Want a firsthand look at northwest Florida’s wetland habitats? Register now for the Florida Master Naturalist Program’s hands-on learning experience this spring. The Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) is a hands-on learning experience for adults. The FMNP both informs and prepares individuals to share information about Florida’s natural areas and environmental history. Classes will begin …

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Moving UF/IFAS Extension Forward – Join us December 7th

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Hydroponic Veggies: Made in the Shade

Growing Vegetables Hydroponically under Open Shade Structures The Small Farms Academy in Live Oak will offer Hydroponic Veggies: Made in the Shade on Thursday July 23, 2015, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm. This workshop is for farmers interested in learning about using open shade structures to extend their vegetable production season. The program will feature …

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Looking back: One Year Anniversary of the April 2014 Floods

A year ago today, southwest Alabama and northwest Florida experienced a devastating storm that left hundreds without access to their homes and businesses. Many buildings were flooded and people were stranded by a hurricane-force storm that didn’t come with the luxury of a week’s warning. Rainfall records in Pensacola go back to 1879, and the …

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Overirrigated Lawns

One of the most common issues with lawns is irrigating too much. It is obvious when rainfall occurs that the sprinkler system should be off. Even before this week of rainfall, homeowners were watering too much. The result during this time of year is stressed turf that easily is taken over by root diseases. These …

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Reducing Sanitary Sewage Overflows

  As we continue to try and improve recreational water quality around the state we are constantly looking for the sources and solutions for the problem.  Many environmental scientists would agree that the number one issue our surface waters are combating are excessive nutrients.  These nutrients spawn algal blooms which can decrease water clarity and …

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Improving Water Quality: Part 5 of 5 – Monitoring

In our five part series on improving water quality in Pensacola Bay we have discussed the problems our bay is facing, how you can re-landscape your yard to reduce runoff, how to develop a living shoreline if you are a waterfront property owner, and how boaters and marinas can reduce their impact.  The last installment …

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Heavy Rain Brings Water Quality Concerns; Part 3 of 5 – Living Shorelines

Since the early days of statehood humans in Florida have been altering shorelines to suffice their economic or domestic concerns.  Like so many who came after them, the idea that waste could be diluted by discharging into waterways was common thought.  The removal of vegetated buffers along shorelines significant increased point and nonpoint discharge in …

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Heavy Rain Brings Water Quality Concerns; Part 2 of 5: Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Last week, Rick discussed how a wide range of pollutants contained in stormwater can cause increases in bacteria, algae, and turbidity in local water bodies. Part 2 of our Water Quality series relates to the Florida Friendly Landscaping (FFL) program.  Begun in Escambia County in 2003, the aim of FFL is to reduce the contributions …

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