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4-H Summer Camp 2016 Needs Your Help!

  Find out more about camp at escambia.ifas.ufl.edu/4h/!   4-H Summer Camp

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Securing a Buyer and Livestock Record Book Workshop

Escambia 4-H and the GCA&NRYO are partnering to bring youth participating in livestock projects a special workshop intended to help them learn about connecting with potential buyers for their livestock at terminal shows and preparing their record book for the show. This will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the GCA&NRYO Spring Livestock …

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop for College Bound

We know that our youth are eager to take advantage of all the opportunities set before them. In this spirit, we are offering a preparatory course in financial aid and scholarships to help parent/guardians and their youth be more informed about how to go through the process and know what opportunities are available.  Dave Timberlake, …

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4-H Open House and County Events Competition

Join 4-Hers throughout the county as they demonstrate the skills they have learned through out the year and highlight different areas for hands-on learning available for all Escambia County youth ages 5-18. Doors will open to the public at 9:30am on April 2 after youth have completed the judged portion of their demonstrations. Youth will …

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4-H Open House & Dedication of the New Langley Bell 4-H Center May 2nd

Join the University of Florida IFAS Dean for Extension, Escambia County Commissioners, 4-H youth, and Escambia County Extension Staff in celebrating the completion of the new Langley Bell 4-H Center at 3730 Stefani Road, Cantonment, Florida.  There will be tours of the new building, highlighting different areas for hands-on learning for all Escambia County youth …

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4-H & FFA Livestock Show and Sale Planned at New 4-H Barns in Molino

UF/IFAS Extension and Escambia Board of County Commissioners are excited to announce the completion of the 4-H Barns on the new 4-H Property located at 5701 Hwy 99 in Molino, Florida. This property is dedicated to the mission of Escambia County 4-H. The first Youth Livestock Show and Sale will take place on April 18th, hosted …

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4-H Animal Science Projects Promote Life Skills Development

4-H is a non-formal, practical educational program for youth. It is the youth development program of Florida Cooperative Extension, which is a part of the University of Florida IFAS. The Florida Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development program uses a learn-by-doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become …

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