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E-15 Gasoline is Here… marine motors and lawn care providers should be aware

Okay… Let’s start at the beginning. We began drilling oil over 100 years ago. The crude was refined into kerosene, gasoline, plastics, and other products that have completely changed our lives. A huge international industry developed from the drilling and employed who knows how many people. But then a few problems began to emerge…   …

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Boating Safety; Reading a Mariner’s Compass: part 8 of 16

In this day of inexpensive GPS many boaters have little or no need of a compass. However electronics sometimes fail and the smarter captain will have some knowledge on how to navigate with a mariner’s compass. To do this the captain should have access to NOAA navigation charts and have determined the DEVIATION of their …

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Boating Safety – Nautical Terms

We are going to begin a series of articles on our website that will help local and visiting boaters become safer while on the water.  The articles will cover such topics as safety equipment, anchoring, rules of the road, and trailering.  We have 16 articles planned for this series and hope that topics you would …

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Improving Water Quality: Part 4 of 5 – Clean Marina

We do not typically think of marinas when we are thinking water quality but everyone can think of issues at these facilities that could degrade the bodies of water on which they sit.  Motor oil and fuel come to mind first, bottom paint, solid waste, and the discarded parts of cleaned fish can all lower …

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