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The Boys Are Back in Town

But, should they be? Is it too soon? In other articles I have posted on other sites I have discussed the strange weather we are having this winter and how it may be effecting coastal wildlife. Recently I was driving highway 98 on the west side of the county heading to a meeting on Perdido …

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Yep… It’s January and there is a Hurricane

As a follow up to the climate summit in Paris this past December we will post articles discussing unusual weather and wildlife events and how climate change may (or may not) being impacting these. Last week we posted an article describing the El Nino. Much of the strange weather we have had recently has been …

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National Estuaries Week! – Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

As we come towards the end of National Estuaries Week we will now look at some issues our estuaries are facing. Sea level rise is one that generates a variety of responses from the public. For some it is of concern, something we need to be planning for and need to spend more research dollars …

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