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It is Scallop Season… to the east of us

It’s that time of year. Time to load up the mask and snorkels and head to the Big Bend for scallop season.  This is a great family activity.  The waters are relatively shallow and close to shore – pretty safe swimming.  The seagrass is lush and full of marine life other than scallops – cool …

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Goliath Grouper Survey Begins this Week!

The goliath grouper is the largest member of the grouper family – reaching length’s of 8 ft and weight of over 800 lbs.  This species has been on FWC’s no-harvest list for several years due to overharvesting.  Today the number, and range, of this grouper have increased.  Each year Dr. Angela Collins (Florida Sea Grant), …

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National Estuaries Week! – Problems in Our Bays

I don’t want this to sound like a “Debbie Downer”… but there are problems with our estuaries and panhandle residents should be aware of them. There are things you can do to correct them – which we will discuss in the final issues of this series – but you need to understand the problem to …

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