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Gulf Council Votes to Increase the Red Snapper Quotas

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Council moved to set the red snapper quota for 2015 and beyond.  After reviewing recommendations by its scientific advisories the following quotas were set. 2015   Commercial Quota = 7.26 million pounds   Recreational Quota = 7.04 mp   TOTAL = 14.30 mp 2016   Commercial Quota = 7.12 mp                     Recreational Quota = 6.84 …

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FWC Makes Changes to the Red Grouper Bag Limit

In 2013 the recreational catch limit for red grouper was exceeded.  Because of this the 2014 season was reduced in federal waters.  In response many Florida anglers and for-hire captains requested a change in the bag limit to avoid a shorten season next year.  During the November 20 meeting in Key Largo the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission …

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NOAA Seeking Public Input on Draft Statement for Red Snapper

NOAA Fisheries is interested in public comment on a draft environmental impact statement for Amendment 40 to the Fishery Management Plan for the Reef Fish Resources of the Gulf of Mexico.  The Environmental Protection Agency announced the availability of the draft statement on Sept 5 of this year.  The purpose of the draft statement is …

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Sea Turtles and Fishing Piers

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach Florida developed a Responsible Pier Initiative training program to assist piers who encounter sea turtles with practices to help save the animals.  According to the Marinelife Center about 250,000 marine turtles either ingest or become entangled in fishing related marine debris each year.  The staff from the Marinelife …

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Update – Escambia Lionfish Round Up

WEEK 6 – 58 lionfish have been logged No.’s by Charters – NIUHI (41 fish), Y-Knot (10 fish), Lavoie Spearfishing (5 fish), S. Walker (2) We are now in the 51st day of this 61 day event. Only 56 lionfish have been submitted at this point but conversation with local dive shops suggest that the …

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