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Microplastics Awareness Month

For almost 40 years, the Ocean Conservancy has held the International Coastal Cleanup in September. Across the planet hundreds of thousands of volunteers clean marine debris from their shorelines.  The data collected is used by local agencies to manage this problem; such as discontinuing the use of pull tops from aluminum cans.  In the last …

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Trying to Solve the Marine Debris Problem

Since the early 1970’s, when Chief Iron Eyes Cody shed a tear on a television commercial, we have been trying to reduce the amount of solid waste found along our beaches and within our waters.   Though numerous agencies and civic groups, led by the Ocean Conservancy, have held beach and underwater clean ups over the …

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The International Coastal Clean Up is Coming in September – how are we doing with marine debris in our area?

People have been trying to do something about marine debris, and solid waste in general, since we saw the commercial of the crying Indian in the early ‘70’s. Have we made any improvement? Yes… but there are still problems to deal with.   Literally millions of tons of solid waste are produced and disposed of …

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September is Microplastics Awareness Month

Going along with the International Coastal Clean Up, UF/IFAS Extension will be promoting September as Microplastics Awareness month.   If you have not heard, microplastics are small pieces of plastic < 5mm in diameter. Some are fragments from larger pieces of plastic that have been broken down by the elements, others are produced at that …

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Restoring Healthy Estuaries – Update

Restoring our estuary to a more healthy state is of interest to many in our community.  The Sea Grant Program in Escambia County is trying to provide both education and training to help local citizens better understand what problems we have, solutions that may help mitigate them, and train citizens to assist in monitoring our …

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National Estuaries Week! – Problems in Our Bays

I don’t want this to sound like a “Debbie Downer”… but there are problems with our estuaries and panhandle residents should be aware of them. There are things you can do to correct them – which we will discuss in the final issues of this series – but you need to understand the problem to …

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Ocean Hour Beach Clean Up – AUG 1 – Park East on Pensacola Beach

Join other volunteers helping to keep our beaches clean and logging data as to what are biggest problems are.  OCEAN HOUR is a program developed by CLEANPEACE where local volunteers clean the beach for one hour every Saturday.  This Saturday August 1 OCEAN HOUR will clean the beach at Park East on Pensacola Beach.  Everyone …

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Ocean Hour – Help Other Locals Keep Our Beaches Clean

Ocean Hour is a project organized and managed by Cleanpeace.  Each Saturday they select a location and clean solid waste for one hour.  This weekend they will be cleaning at Ft. Pickens.  Meet at the Langdon Beach pavilion at 8:45 AM if you would like to help. With the assistance from interns with the Escambia County …

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Searching for Derelict Crab Traps

One of the program areas Sea Grant intends to focus on in Escambia County during 2014 is the reduction of marine debris.  Most citizens in our county are aware of the problem and the harm monofilament fishing line can cause.  Another issue are derelict (or ghost) crab traps.  These are traps, for whatever reason, have …

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