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So What’s Good with Local Seafood?

Actually, if you like seafood – it’s all good! However, not everyone does and sometimes when this question is asked they are interested in not how it taste but where the seafood came from. In recent years, there has been a move across the country to learn more about where their food comes from. Whether …

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Enjoying Local Seafood; What’s in Peak Season for April?

Continuing our monthly series of “what’s in season for this month?” we take a look at April.   Several species that were in season for March are still in season now – those include: Clams, Oysters, Pompano, Pink Shrimp, Snapper, Blue Crab, and Spanish Mackerel.  Spanish Mackerel are listed as “in peak season” for Alabama …

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Panhandle Outdoors 2016

  Northwest Florida is considered one  of the top six biodiversity hotspots in the country. The reasons why begin with our unique water features. Join us to explore these waters and learn more about the Panhandle’s hidden ecological treasures!   DETAILS & REGISTRATION: Several options are available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/panhandle- outdoors-live-weeks-bay-estuary-water- school-tickets-22656298599 Contact Rick O’Connor at  …

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National Seafood Month – the future of seafood

So what now? What lies ahead for the seafood industry in the Florida Panhandle?   Well I will start by saying I do not have a crystal ball… so I truly do not know, but most people plan for the future and many have looked at what COULD happen for Florida seafood.     Will …

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National Seafood Month – Blue Crabs

Well… we have talked about the “big two”… snapper and shrimp, but there are other popular fin and shellfish harvested from the Gulf of Mexico.  This week we look at my personal favorite… blue crab.   Probably like many of you out there, the very first sea creature I ever caught was a blue crab. …

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National Seafood Month… Red Snapper

If shrimp are king of the shellfish industry, then red snapper are the king of the finfish world. It is arguably the most economically and ecologically important reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico. This fishery began in 1872 with four “snapper smacks” out of Pensacola. By 1890 the fleet had grown to 34 vessels …

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National Seafood Month – shrimp

Shrimp… nothing says seafood along the Gulf coast like shrimp. It has been a staple part of our diet for decades; boiled, fried, steamed, stuffed, shish-kabobbed, As Forrest Gump said there are a million ways to cook shrimp and as Jack and Anne Rudloe mention their book, Shrimp, the Endless Quest for Pink Gold, there …

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National Estuaries Week! – Seafood

Yea, seafood… who doesn’t like seafood… actually, based on a small scale survey I conducted with marine science students over the last 28 years I have found a slight increase in the number of those who do not. Curious about this, I followed up by asking whether their concern was seafood safety or other. Almost …

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Seafood Fraud in the U.S.

An investigation by Oceana was conducted from 2010-2012 to determine whether retail seafood outlets were honestly labeling their product.  674 outlets in 21 states were reviewed.  DNA testing found that 33% of the 1215 samples analyzed were mislabeled.  Of the most commonly collected fish types samples sold as snapper and tuna had the highest mislabeling rates …

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Choosing Local Seafood

More and more locals and visitors to the Gulf coast are interested in purchasing fresh local seafood.  Escambia County Extension Agents Dorothy Lee and Rick O’Connor will be presenting a program entitled FLORIDA SEAFOOD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS where we will discuss the benefits of eating local seafood, when different species are in season, tips on …

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