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Fall Gardening Series with Escambia Extension

UF IFAS Escambia County Extension will be teaching a series of gardening courses for the Fall season. These talks are part of the community programs presented by Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church. The topics presented by Extension faculty and Florida Master Gardeners will cover edibles, wildlife, and adding colorful plants to the garden. Each program …

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Flood Response: Wildlife Response, Safety, and Rescue

After a flood event people are trying to recover and may not consider that many wild animals were also impacted.  Not only are many of our neighbors displaced from their homes but many animals such as mammals, insects, reptiles are as well.  Proper safety measures should be exercised during and after floods.  The following article …

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking for help in tracking the occurrence of four species of snakes.  The eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the Florida pine snake, the short-tailed snake, and the southern hognose snake.  All four snakes are considered rare and are listed with the Florida Natural Areas Inventory .  The purpose of …

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It’s Turtle Season in Escambia County Again; time to turn the lights down

Over the last 25 years the number of sea turtle nests in Escambia County has varied from 9 in 2007 to a 74 in 2012 and has averaged around 32 each season.  During the 1990’s nesting activity was increasing from a decade earlier.  The number of nests ranged from 25-51 and averaged 32 each year.  …

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