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Escambia County Master Gardeners

The Escambia County Master Gardener Program was   established in 1984, jointly with Santa Rosa County.  Since that time each  county has developed their own program to assist their respective Horticulture   Agent.  The Escambia County Master Gardener Association  currently has 68 certified volunteers. Master Gardeners have contributed more than 179,886 hours of service to the Extension Horticulture Program since 1987, providing services worth $3,416,328.

The Escambia County Master Gardener’s Grapevine Newsletter.

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What Are Master Gardener  Volunteers?

Escambia County Master Gardeners are a dedicated group of volunteers certified by University of Florida Extension. The volunteers are able to serve the community through horticultural education. They address important issues such as water quality or pesticide safety, assist homeowners with gardening questions, help schools establish learning gardens, develop educational materials, and participate in various community horticulture projects.

A class on plant propagation.

MG Sherry A. teaches plant division for local homeowners.

How Does One Become A Master Gardener Volunteer?

Interested community  members complete an application (available about August) and participate in a   selection process conducted by the Horticulture Agent and veteran Master Gardeners.

Master Gardener training applications will be available in August. You may request an application by calling Beth Bolles at 475-5230.

The selected trainees attend approximately 50 hours of  training courses and then donate 75 hours of service to the community following   their training.  Only then are participants certified as Florida Master   Gardeners.  In general, classes are held one day a week from 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in October, November, January, and February. The cost of the program is approximately $150.

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