Marine turtles

The Sea Turtle Conservancy Can Help You Become Turtle Friendly

The Escambia County Exterior Lighting Ordinance will go in effect for all residents and businesses on Pensacola Beach beginning in 2018. (view the basics of the ordinance at )


To become “turtle friendly”, exterior lighting will need to follow the “Big 3”:

  • Keep it low
  • Keep it long
  • Keep it shielded
  • “Keep …

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    Escambia County FL Turtle Lighting Ordinance

    Escambia County Turtle Lighting Ordinance

    Chapter 78 – Article 13.23 of the County Land Development Code




    13.23.01. Exemptions –      a) lighting required for navigation by Federal Aviation and the US Coast Guard

    and has been reviewed for the Federal Endangered Species Act

  • b) holiday lighting displayed outside of turtle nesting …

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    Sea Grant Notes – May 26, 2017




    DEP and DOH only sampled Bayou Texar and Sanders Beach this week.


    Date Location Water Temp (F) Salinity (ppt) Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Enterococcus levels (colonies/100ml) Bacteria Levels Advisory Issued May 22 Bayou Texar 79 6.6 6.6 107 Poor YES   Sanders Beach     …

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    2016 Florida Panhandle Diamondback Terrapin Survey Report

    Project Objective:

  • Record sightings of terrapin, or terrapin sign to determine if terrapins still exist in the Florida Panhandle.
  • Identify nesting beaches for future population studies.

    Project Methods:

  • Train citizen scientist on how to identify terrapins or terrapin sign
  • Assign volunteers to geographic regions to conduct their surveys
  • Keep records of all …

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