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Night Lighting: Become Wildlife Friendly

Many of you have heard this before – artificial lighting on the beach is bad for sea turtles – so this article is nothing new. However, this article will expand to discuss the problem with night lighting in general.

Yes, it is true – sea turtles struggle with evening lighting. They prefer to conduct their …

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2016 Florida Panhandle Diamondback Terrapin Survey Report

Project Objective:

  • Record sightings of terrapin, or terrapin sign to determine if terrapins still exist in the Florida Panhandle.
  • Identify nesting beaches for future population studies.

    Project Methods:

  • Train citizen scientist on how to identify terrapins or terrapin sign
  • Assign volunteers to geographic regions to conduct their surveys
  • Keep records of all …

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    Water Quality Update – June 24, 2016

    FDEP and ECHD both sampled this week – all clear!



    Background levels of Karenia brevis were not detected anywhere in the state of Florida this week woo-hoo!


    FISH KILLS for Escambia and Santa Rosa counties

    No fish kills reported this week.



    No advisories this …

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    Sea Turtles and “Leave No Trace”

    In August of 2015 the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners adopted a new ordinance to address the issue of chairs, tents, coolers, and other debris left on the beach overnight. The issue with these items is that they impede sea turtle nesting and are a hazard for maintenance and safety crews working the beach …

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    Imrpoving Water Quality: Living Shorelines

    Since the early days of statehood humans in Florida have been altering shorelines to suffice their economic or domestic concerns.  Like so many who came after them, the idea that waste could be diluted by discharging into waterways was common thought.  The removal of vegetated buffers along shorelines significant increased point and nonpoint discharge in …

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    Sea Turtle Nesting Information – Escambia County


    Year                  # of Nests                    # hatched            # disoriented

    2011                 84                                 52                        26

    majority on Perdido Key

    2012                 74                                 44                        24

    majority between Pensacola and Navarre

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    Beach Vitex… Is It A Growing Problem?

    It’s actually a pretty plant, this beach vitex (Vitex rotundifolia), and it is very good at stabilizing eroding dunes; but folks along the Atlantic coast had no idea how invasive it would become.  In the 1990’s the state of South Carolina planted this shrub to help restore dunes lost during hurricanes.  It is salt tolerant, …

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    Diamonds in the Marsh

     It is hard to say that one turtle is more beautiful than another; it is like saying one of your children is more beautiful than another, but this is one beautiful turtle!  The diamondback terrapin is the only brackish water turtle in the United  States.  Its range is from the estuaries of Massachusettsto the Texas/ …

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