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Sea Turtles Found in Escambia County



Sea turtles can be identified from other species of Florida turtles first by their large size; many adults are 300 lbs or more and have a shell length of 3-4 ft.  However, like other turtles, they begin life small.  Small sea turtles differ in that their limbs appear as …

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Look Who’s Enjoying the Beach This Spring… An Alligator!

I received a call the week before Earth Day to let me know that an alligator was laying on the beach, on the Gulf side, near Regency Villas. This is certainly not something you see every day.

Two questions came…

One, Is this weird?

Two, Can alligators tolerate salt water?


Let us start with …

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The Boys Are Back in Town

But, should they be? Is it too soon?

In other articles I have posted on other sites I have discussed the strange weather we are having this winter and how it may be effecting coastal wildlife. Recently I was driving highway 98 on the west side of the county heading to a meeting on Perdido …

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