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Invasive Species – Beach Vitex

The Plant

  • Beach vitex (Vitex rotundifolia)
  • Native to the Pacific rim of Asia. From Korea to Australia including Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the Malaysian peninsula, and including Hawaii.
  • Prefers sandy soils above high tide line, open sun, and does well in rocky areas. Has high tolerance for heat and salt spray. It could be …

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Sea Grant Notes – July 7, 2017

Sea Grant Notes   

July 7, 2017






Date Location Water Temp (F) Salinity (ppt) Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) Enterococcus (saltwater) (colonies/100ml) E. coli


(colonies/100ml) Advisory Issued


Data provided by Florida Department …

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The Invasion of the Lionfish – 2016 update

The first report of a lionfish in the northern Gulf of Mexico was in 2010. It was a small individual that struck more curiosity than anything else.  By the end of the following week another was seen and now, here off the coast of Pensacola, are some of the highest densities found anywhere in the …

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FWC Lionfish Challenge – 2016

Most folks know we have a real issue with lionfish locally and that many community groups and agencies are trying to provide programs to help educate the public about the issue – as well as get rid of these fish.  This year the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is holding a LIONFISH CHALLENGE.  This …

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Vanishing Vitex!

In 2013 a local citizen in Gulf Breeze Florida alerted me that Beach Vitex (Vitex rotundifolia) was on her property and may be growing on Pensacola Beach.  The plant was not listed as an invasive species in Florida at the time but was a huge problem in the Carolina’s; forming large monocultures crowding out native …

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Beach Vitex… Is It A Growing Problem?

It’s actually a pretty plant, this beach vitex (Vitex rotundifolia), and it is very good at stabilizing eroding dunes; but folks along the Atlantic coast had no idea how invasive it would become.  In the 1990’s the state of South Carolina planted this shrub to help restore dunes lost during hurricanes.  It is salt tolerant, …

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