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Biodiversity in Our Bay

The term biodiversity has multiple meanings. Some look at it terms of genetics, others ecosystems, but most look at it in terms of species.  Simply put, it is the variety of life within a system.  The system could be on a small scale, such as a pond, or on a larger one such an ocean.

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Sep 15 – 2017 Water Quality Data – Pensacola Bay System


Florida Department of Environmental Protection Data


Date Water body Water Temp (°F) Water salinity (‰) Dissolved Oxygen (mg/l) ENT (colonies/100ml) Jan 3 Texar 68 1.7 ND 6131 Jan 16 Texar 68 3.1 ND 10 Feb 3 Texar 57 6.9 7.8 8 Feb 6 Texar 63 4.2 7.8 10 Feb 13 Texar …

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