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Green Acres Farm

    (26)   Green Acres Farm
             10810 Hwy 97
              Walnut Hill, FL 32568

              (850) 698-6663


             We are a small family farm raising pasture-based Chickens— for both Eggs and Meat—Turkey, Lamb and Dairy Goats. All of our animals live out on pasture and are rotationally grazed. We use small pens that are moved each day to protect our broilers and help us manage the fertilizer they put down for us. Our goals are to raise clean, nutritious, delicious food for our family and our customers while improving the health of the land we live on. Our sales take place on the farm where our customers can see exactly how we raise our animals. As we are not a licensed processor, all animals are sold Live, but we will gladly process poultry for you at no charge if you would like us to.

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