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Agriculture and Natural Resource Facts in
Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties

Tractor harvesting peanutsAgriculture Facts
          Located in the westernmost part of Florida’s panhandle, Escambia and Santa Rosa counties encompass more than 1 million acres. The two counties have an estimated total population of 439,000, of which fewer than 15,000 are considered to be farm shares. However, the people who live in our agricultural communities comprise a thriving part of our economy and illustrate the diversity of industry in these counties:
          • 695,000 acres are used as harvested forests.
          • Cotton/cottonseed, peanuts, corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, pecans, and vegetables are grown on 89,000 acres with crop values totaling $100 million. Twenty-five percent of the cotton and 13 percent of the peanuts grown in Florida come from the fields of northern Santa Rosa County.
          • Hay is produced on 6,000 acres with a gross yearly value of nearly $2 million.
          • 25,000 acres of improved and native pastures feed roughly 7,500 beef cattle, 5,000 goats, 400 milk cows, and 400 hogs.
          • Aquaculture includes 800 acres dedicated to catfish ponds with an annual gross value of $3 million.
          • Santa Rosa County is Florida’s leader in acres of Class I farm land and acres of conservation tillage with 35,000 acres (20,000 acres in cotton and 15,000 acres in peanuts) during 2006.

Natural Resources
          Escambia and Santa Rosa counties are the gateway to more than 1 million acres of recreational opportunities!
Escambia and Santa Rosa counties are incredibly diverse, with white sandy beaches to the South and rich farmland to the North. These two counties are the gateway to more than one million acres of recreational opportunities! For fishing, canoeing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, and diving, you won’t want to miss the area’s rivers, lakes, estuaries, and the Gulf of Mexico. And if you prefer hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, or photography, there are numerous forests, wetlands, and prairies as well as agricultural and urban landscapes. The area has breathtaking federal lands and state parks such as the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Eglin Air Force Reservation, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Whiting Field, and Blackwater River State Forest.
          Whether you are looking for farm-fresh fun or a natural experience, you’re sure to find it at one of these off-the-beaten-track locations in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties!


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