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Great Florida Cattle Drive Film Screening May 18

Great Florida Cattle Drive Film Screening May 18

Chipola College in Marianna, Florida will host a movie screening of the PBS documentary film, “The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles,” Thursday, May 18, at 6 p.m., at their Dr. Gene Prough Center for the Arts (3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL 32446).  This film captures highlights from the Great Florida Cattle Drive that took place in Central Florida in January 2016 and the thoughts and feelings of the people who participated in this historic reenactment of life on the trail.   Historically cattle drives were a fairly common occurrence in Florida, as ranchers drove cattle across the state to be sold at Gulf Coast ports for Cuban gold doubloons.  This one-hour film, produced by Elam and Nic Stoltzfus, Calhoun County, highlights both the history of the Florida Cattle Industry and the stories of modern day people who took part in the recent drive to experience this historic lifestyle for a week.

This event is being sponsored by the Jackson County Cattleman’s Association, local businesses, and organizations, so it can be provided free of charge to the public.  For more information on this event, contact Elam Stoltzfus, 850-718-2257 or elam@liveoakproductiongroup.com.



Author: Doug Mayo – demayo@ufl.edu

Lead Editor for Panhandle Ag e-news – Jackson County Extension Director – Livestock & Forages Agent. My true expertise is with beef cattle and pasture management, but I can assist with information on other livestock species, as well as recreational fish ponds.

Doug Mayo

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