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Great Florida Cattle Drive Film Screening May 18

Chipola College in Marianna, Florida will host a movie screening of the PBS documentary film, “The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles,” Thursday, May 18, at 6 p.m., at their Dr. Gene Prough Center for the Arts (3094 Indian Circle, Marianna, FL 32446).  This film captures highlights from the Great Florida Cattle Drive that took …

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Totally Impermeable Film – A New Plastic Mulch Option for 2016 Fumigation

Figure 1. Field experiment showing a paladin chloropicrin mixture used in combination with totally impermeable film. In the foreground from the left: untreated VIF, Untreated TIF, Paladin:Pic 20 gallons per acre, Paladin:Pic 30 gallons per acre. Standard use rate for Paladin:Pic with VIF is 50-60 gallons per acre. Photo by Josh Freeman Plastic mulch technology …

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