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August Weather Summary & Harvest Outlook

August was another rainy month across the Panhandle, but there was a wide variation in rainfall across the region.  The western counties had large areas with 10-15 inches (hot pink) and even some areas nearer to the coast with more than 15″.  The eastern counties were much drier, except along the coast with a range …

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Summer’s Harvest Brings Healthy Benefits

North Florida’s beautiful spring weather means we get to enjoy a variety of delicious, locally-grown fruits and veggies during the summer months.  Produce such as bell peppers, squash, tomatoes, greens, corn, cucumbers, okra, peas, eggplant, and a variety of melons are plentiful and fresh from late spring through early fall. The benefits of eating fresh …

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Pecan Harvest Equipment Demonstration Video

Tree shaker used for automated pecan harvest at a Texas A&M Research farm. Credit: Matt Lollar The Texas Pecan Short Course is an annual, four day training offered by Texas A&M University. The short course teaches pecan orchard managers and prospective pecan growers how to plant, grow, harvest, and market pecans. A harvest equipment demonstration …

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When is the Correct Time to Harvest Satsumas?

Fall 2016 Satsumas. Image Credit: Matthew Orwat One question that repeatedly pops up in my extension work is “When do I harvest fruit or vegetable X ?”  This Fall, the question of “when should I harvest my citrus?” has been a choice topic! The most common citrus in the Florida Panhandle is the satsuma, Citrus unshiu, so it …

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July Weather Summary and Harvest Weather Outlook

National Weather Service estimates for July 2016 rainfall. Typically, July in the Florida Panhandle is the wettest month of the year with 6-7″ of rainfall.  In the graphic above, areas that are hot pink or dark red did receive over 6″ in July, but this was not the case for many central and eastern counties.  …

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Corn Harvest Underway in Jackson County

This combine was running hard harvesting field corn this week near Greenwood, FL at Bishop Farms. Harvest is always an exciting time on the farm.  Months of work, investment, and risk pay off when the crop comes in.  This week several farms in Jackson County started harvesting field corn from both dryland and irrigated fields. …

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PeanutFARM Irrigation and Harvest Tool is Now Mobile Friendly

Brendan Zurweller and Diane Rowland, UFIFAS Agronomy Department Even in the southeast, where annual rainfall totals would lead you to believe that water stress rarely occurs, depletion of soil water can develop quickly during the peanut growing season.  There are certainly times when supplemental irrigation can reduce crop water stress and prevent yield reductions. Adding …

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Sunshine Returns so Harvest is Underway Again in Jackson County

Our hearts are saddened by the preliminary reports coming from South Carolina after more than a week of constant and heavy rains in the region.  Hugh Weathers, South Carolina Commissioner for Agriculture issued a preliminary report from initial damage assessments: Conservative early estimates are that direct crop losses from the recent flood may exceed $ …

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Cotton Harvest Now in Full Swing

Cotton harvest is in full swing throughout Northwest Florida. With the dry weather and warm temperatures to help mature late set bolls, over half of the crop is now out of the field. In Santa Rosa County, picking was delayed on most farms as growers finished up harvesting their peanuts that got off to a …

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Corn Harvest is Underway in Jackson County (video)

Josh Thompson, Regional Crop IPM Agent, provides a corn yield check at a farm in Jackson County this week. Photo credit: Doug Mayo Combines began picking through corn last week, and this week the harvesting continues. Jackson County has a corn yield contest that several growers participate in.  Having a yield check allows for a …

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