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Friday Feature: Ear Tags that Identify Sick Cattle

Quantified Ag’s “Smart Ear Tags” tags can identify when cattle are sick and light up to identify them. Photo credit: Craig Chandler, University of Nebraska This week’s featured videos highlight a new high-tech tool that feedyards, stocker operations, and maybe even cow-calf operations can utilize to aid in quick identification of sick cattle for immediate …

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Identify Cogongrass Now – Look for the Seedheads

Cogongrass seedheads are easily spotted this time of year.Photo Credit: Mark Mauldin We are well into spring and a wide variety of plants are showing off their colorful blooms. As lovely as most of the blooms are, some springtime colors are an unwelcome sight. Such is the case with the showy, white seedhead that is …

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Take survey to identify Gulf research needs

  Gulf of Mexico Research Plan Interim Report You can provide input to numerous groups around the Gulf of Mexico that are developing regional science and restoration plans or funding Gulf research through a single survey. This survey is part of an update to the Gulf of Mexico Research Plan (GMRP). This project assists the …

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