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Low Oxygen Fish Kills in Managed Ponds

Sunny Pond. Credit: Evan Anderson Fishermen aren’t the only people concerned with keeping ponds healthy, because fish can serve purposes other than adorning the dinner table. Some are kept as pets, and others serve to keep ponds free of aquatic weeds that might take over. Regardless of their purpose, sometimes things go wrong with fishponds. …

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Cold weather and fish kills: What you need to know!

With the ongoing cold weather across the Panhandle, fish kills are being reported in many areas. In the Panhandle, average water temperatures have dropped down to the 50s (degrees Fahrenheit) in many waterbodies. This is about ten degrees cooler than in normal years. Fish have a tolerance to temperature but when air and water temperatures …

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Your Florida Pond – Oxygen Levels, Temperature, and Fish Kills

 Judy Ludlow County Extension Director Calhoun County judy.ludlow@ufl.edu   Extreme temperatures can cause fish die-offs in Florida’s ponds, estuaries, lakes, and rivers.  In large natural areas, these events usually do not cause permanent damage to existing fish populations.  Fish die-offs in smaller ponds, although a natural occurrence, can be of concern to the pond owner. …

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