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Need Pesticide CEUs? Attend The Great CEU Round-Up July 26

The Great CEU Round-Up, July 26, 2017 8:30am-4pm EDT It’s that time of year again, the Florida Turfgrass Association (FTGA) and UF/IFAS are partnering to present The Great CEU Round-Up. This program is designed to allow pesticide license holders to earn up to six CEUs across multiple categories, this all day program will be streamed …

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Panhandle Citrus Producers Need to Symptoms of Canker and Greening

Florida’s citrus producers, as well as backyard growers have battled detrimental issues like hard freezes and storm damage over the years.  However, in recent years, emergent bacterial diseases known as citrus canker and citrus greening have been devastating Florida’s citrus crops.  Although these diseases are not yet a major issue in the Panhandle, it’s important …

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Cotton Marketing News: Prices Need Something to Grab Hold Of

Don Shurley, University of Georgia Cotton Economist If you don’t have a firm hold on things, sometimes it results in a fall. If you’re a deer hunter and have ever fallen out of a stand or slipped off the ladder going up or down, you know what I’m talking about. Luckily for me, I was …

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Cotton Marketing News: Once Again In Need of a 4-Wheel Drive

Cotton once again seems to be meandering in the muck and mire and going nowhere. The recent rally to near the 65-cent area fizzled out and prices have since retreated back near the “old support” area of roughly 62 cents. December futures actually closed the week on good note—at 63.32, up 100 points for the …

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What You Need to Know About Vibrio Bacteria in Gulf Waters

After the recent report of a fatality due to the Vibrio bacteria near Tampa many locals have become concerned about their safety when entering the Gulf of Mexico this time of year. So what are the risks and how do you protect yourself?   The rod-shaped bacterium known as Vibrio. Courtesy: Florida International University What …

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Does your pond need fertilization?

Photo by Jennifer Bearden These days many ponds are just backyard recreational ponds.  Management goals vary from owner to another.  Some pond owners want very little productivity (very little fish removed).  They want little vegetation with just a few fish.  This pond is just meant for relaxation and aesthetics.  Other pond owners want to fish …

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Busy People Need to Eat Healthy, Too!

Prepare a shopping list It seems that we are rushing here and there, doing things at the speed of light. We may find ourselves consumed by work, meetings, school, sports practice for the kids… an endless list of things to keep us active, stressed, and often frantic. Life has become so busy that we often …

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Florida’s “Enhanced Child Passenger Safety Law” – What Do You Need to Know?

There’s a new law in Florida – and although it’s far from comprehensive, it’s designed to better protect our kids. As of January 1, 2015, Florida law requires that all children riding in vehicles must use a safety seat until their 6th birthday. This means that kids who are 4- or 5-years-old and were previously …

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EEF Nitrogen: What is it, and do you Need it?

Fig. 1. Example of a coated fertilizer (left) and fertilizer coated with a urease and nitrification inhibitor, right. Coated fertilizer illustration courtesy of International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI): http://www.ipni.net/ As fertilizers get more expensive and the need to protect environmentally sensitive areas increases, farmers are looking for more efficient nitrogen (N) fertilizers. The Association of …

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Cold weather and fish kills: What you need to know!

With the ongoing cold weather across the Panhandle, fish kills are being reported in many areas. In the Panhandle, average water temperatures have dropped down to the 50s (degrees Fahrenheit) in many waterbodies. This is about ten degrees cooler than in normal years. Fish have a tolerance to temperature but when air and water temperatures …

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