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Scout Soybeans for Kudzu Bugs and Redbanded Stink Bugs

Soybean sentinel plot in Marianna- Jackson County, Florida. Photo by Ethan Carter. After a mild winter, with relatively few nights below freezing, it should be no surprise that insect populations are spiking early. One example of this is armyworms, which began showing up in early-mid June across areas of Jackson County, a pest typically found …

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Tri-State Agronomic Scout School June 8

Southern Green Stink Bug nymph on soybean. Photo by Ethan Carter. The Jackson County Extension Office in collaboration with specialists from Auburn University and the University of Georgia will host a Tri-State Agronomic Scout School on June 8, 2017. The meeting will take place at the Jackson County Agricultural Conference Center (2741 Penn Ave, Marianna, …

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Spring is a Good Time to Scout Pastures for Toxic Weeds

Perilla mint, a plant toxic to livestock, in a pasture. Photo Credit: Jennifer Bearden Spring is a good time to walk your pastures to scout for toxic weeds. Summer pastures are just greening up but are still short, and warm season weeds are just beginning pop up out of the ground.  In almost every case, …

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Scout Pastures for Toxic Perilla Mint this Fall

Perilla mint in a pasture in Jackson County. Photo credit: Doug Mayo Documented distribution of perilla mint in Florida. Source: Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants. Perilla mint (perilla frutescnes) aka Beefstakeplant is a toxic weed that typically grows in shady, to partially shaded areas, damp spots, woodland edges, and  fence-lines of pastures in the Southeast. …

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Scout Your Fence Rows for Cherry Trees

Picture 1. Serrated edges on the leaf separate cherry from persimmon. Though cherry trees can be great for ornamental planting, the leaves can be highly toxic to cattle. Photo credit: Jay Ferrell This spring has been cooler than most and many areas just now have grass that is coming along. It is this time of …

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Hay Producers Need to Scout For Horsenettles

Horse-nettle can be identified by its leaves, spines, blooms, and tiny fruit.   Some of Walton County’s perennial peanut producers are experiencing an outbreak of Horsenettles (Solanum carolinense).  This pasture weed is also known as love-apple or wild tomato in panhandle Florida, and is toxic to humans and livestock.  It is often confused with another serious …

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