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What is the USDA Survey You Got in the Mail in December?

In addition to Christmas cards, farmers and ranchers in Florida received the National Agricultural Classification Survey (NACS) in December 2016’s mail.  This questionnaire will assist the U.S. Department of Agriculture to identify active farms and ranches in the United States, in preparation for the upcoming Ag Census. The result of the NACS will determine who …

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2016 NASS Farm Land Rent and Labor Survey Summary

Some of the most challenging conversations, in almost any relationship, are the ones about money.  This is certainly true as land owners and farmers, or managers and laborers negotiate for the year ahead. It can be pretty challenging to determine what is a fair price to rent a specific farm, or to set the wages …

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Record Year for NOAA Shark Survey in North Carolina

Most of us remember the string of shark attacks that occurred this past summer in North Carolina; as a matter of fact, according to the International Shark Attack File, it was a record year for that region. Since 2001 there have been 34 shark attacks in North Carolina ranging from 1-5 per year (average 2.4 attacks / …

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Researchers Assessing Smutgrass Damage to Pastures with Survey

A pasture infested with smutgrass, which is not grazed by livestock, competes with improved forage grasses. University of Florida Researchers are attempting to gather information on smutgrass in Florida.  This effort is part of a grant they received from USDA-NIFA.  This survey is being conducted to provide a basic understanding of the current status of …

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UF/IFAS Survey of Damage to Livestock from Coyotes

The University of Florida, IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center is conducting a survey to more thoroughly understand coyote damage to livestock. UF/IFAS is cooperating with the USDA National Wildlife Research Center to measure losses of livestock presumed to have been a direct consequence of coyote predation, and to assist in identifying the number …

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2013 NASS Farm Land Rent Survey Summary

Table 1 It is the time of year when land owners and farmers negotiate lease agreements for the crop year ahead.  One of the toughest parts of negotiation is having a handle on what is a fair price.  The USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS) does an annual survey to estimate average prices for a …

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Take survey to identify Gulf research needs

  Gulf of Mexico Research Plan Interim Report You can provide input to numerous groups around the Gulf of Mexico that are developing regional science and restoration plans or funding Gulf research through a single survey. This survey is part of an update to the Gulf of Mexico Research Plan (GMRP). This project assists the …

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2012 NASS Survey Summary of Farm Lease Rates

Table 1. USDA NASS survey summary of non-irrigated crop land rent in Northwest Florida. One of the challenges for both land owners and farmers is making farm land rental agreements which are fair for both parties.  Farm leases are private agreements between farmers and land owners, so very little information is available to assist with determining …

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NW FL Reef Workshop – Save the Date! Please help us by Completing our Short Survey

Please save the date for the 2013 Northwest Florida Regional Artificial Reef Workshop sponsored by Florida Sea Grant and FWC, to be held at the Niceville Community Center in Niceville, FL on Wednesday-Thursday, February 6-7, 2013. We invite your suggestions and feedback to help the steering committee identify and prioritize agenda topics through a brief …

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