Hydrangeas for the Garden

Learn about a few hydrangeas for the Gulf Coast garden from Carol Lord with UF IFAS Extension Escambia County.

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Master Gardener Training Information Session

If you are interested in the University of Florida Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Escambia County, plan to attend a special Volunteer Open House on Tuesday, August 8.  Learn about training sessions, volunteer activities, and the role of Master Gardeners in the community.    Applications will be available for interested participants for the 2017-18 Fall/Winter Master …

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The Health Advisory Bug; Enterococcus faecalis

Water quality is a concern for many in the Pensacola Bay area. Our bay has had many human induced stressors over the decades but “swimming alerts” or “health advisories” are of primary concern.   Health advisories are issued when indicator bacteria levels reach a high point. These bacteria are what care called fecal bacteria due …

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Health Advisory Issued for Bayou’s Chico and Grande

With the rain continuing to come – we continue to get reports of health advisories being issued.  This week FDEP sampled 17 stations and only Chico and Grande had high enough levels to warrant an advisory.  You can view all the data by visiting the marine science section of this website and view SEA GRANT …

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Seawater… It’s a Blue Ocean

  However, here is what is amazing… you take a glass and dip into the Gulf – raise it to observe – and it is clear… like a glass of water. There is no color to it at all.  The emerald greens and cobalt blues are gone.  What happen?  We say the sea is blue, …

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Health Advisory Issued for Sanders Beach

As you can imagine with all of this rain, the bacteria levels are probably high in local waters.  However, because of the bad weather agencies were not able to sample most locations.  Bayou Texar was sampled by the Department of Health on Monday June 19 and all was well.  The same day Sanders Beach (at …

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Water…Myth or Fact?

  Summer has arrived. During the summer months, especially along the Gulf Coast it is hot and humid. Keeping the body hydrated is important to maintain good health. As the temperature rises in the summer and the body loses more water through evaporation and perspiration, it makes good sense to increase your intake of fluids. …

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Big Lagoon and Santa Rosa Sound Scallop Search Postponed Due to Bad Water Conditions

The first of two bay scallop searches set up by Florida Sea Grant in Big Lagoon and Santa Rosa Sound will be postponed.  The first was scheduled for this Saturday – June 24 – but water conditions as result of the recent weather have made snorkeling for scallops almost impossible; the water visibility is zero.  …

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It is Scallop Season… to the east of us

It’s that time of year. Time to load up the mask and snorkels and head to the Big Bend for scallop season.  This is a great family activity.  The waters are relatively shallow and close to shore – pretty safe swimming.  The seagrass is lush and full of marine life other than scallops – cool …

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Take Advantage of Your Shade

Shade is to be treasured in the Florida summer and new plant introductions make your opportunities for gardening in the shade easy.  Learn more about growing in the shade In the Garden with Escambia Extension.

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