Rain brings the Rise of the Insects!

Our recent daily rainfall is a welcome site for many of us after the drought of the past few years! However, all the generous rainfall brings the danger of a rise in insect populations, including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes pose a risk to humans and animals, carrying diseases like West Nile. They also can spread several other …

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Fish + Plants = Lots of fun!

After taking a break from our page for the holidays and a trip to the NACAA annual meeting, we are back in the swing of things! Recently, our office has seen a rise in the number of people calling about hydroponics, aquaculture, and aquaponics. All three practices have been around the industry for a while …

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Flood Damage

If anyone has flood damage and needs some questions answered, please give us a call or better yet shoot us an email tomorrow. We know there will be a lot of farms with water damage issues and will be assessing damage throughout the county this week. A couple tips for anyone that had water intrusion …

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Lots of Alternative Growing System Questions

Our office has had quite a few questions lately about the alternative growing systems featured at some of our programs and field days. While we are hoping to model the large system at other locations, we are currently working on information guides for those individuals who haven’t been able to attend events at the WFREC …

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Upcoming programs

Check out our calendar for upcoming programs. We have Cattle Management 101 beginning on the 31st, our first Specialty Crop Field Day at the  WFREC is also the 31st, we are hosting a cottage and homemade food forum on June 4th, and then we kick off the summer! Our pasture weed workshop will be July …

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Drought in the Panhandle

As I am sure most people have noticed, it’s a little dry lately! Most of our large farms are turning to irrigation for crops they already have planted and others are hoping for rain in order for the seeds their planting to grow. Drought has been a major issue decreasing production over the past several …

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Cattle Management 101

In response to the flood of questions we have had to local offices over the last six months, our local extension team will be hosting an educational series for citizens that own or are interested in owning cattle. “Cattle Management 101” will begin on May 31st and address topics including: nutrition, forages, reproduction, herd health, …

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Small Farms Blog Launch!

Welcome to our new Escambia County Small Farms Blog! Every week we will be posting information related to small farm operations. This may include photos, articles, specialist recommendations, upcoming program announcements, or FYIs that we run across. Also, please pass along questions.  The blog is a great forum to provide a detailed answer that a lot …

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