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Do Constricting Snakes Really Kill Their Prey by Suffocation?

Most people, including myself, have been taught this. Snakes are in an unusual situation of trying to kill prey with no hands or claws. A few can inject venom, others either swallow it whole (such as an egg) or the coil around their prey “suffocating” it – or so we thought. It has been my …

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Snakes of Northwest Florida

There are many animals that strike fear in humans but little cause more than snakes.  Interestingly kids seem to like them, it is when we become an adult that we do not; why is that?  There are several explanations and all have merit. One are stories and legends. As we get older we read and hear …

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Living with Snakes – Rat Snakes

Rat snakes are one of the more commonly encountered snakes in our area.  They truly do eat a lot of rodents and so this draws them towards human habitation searching for food.  As a group they can grow quite large and for those of us who do a have a fear of snakes – we …

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Anyone who has been to the Roy Hyatt Environmental Center in the past 21 years has probably met “Regis”, our eastern kingsnake.  “Regis” has been our “poster-child” for snake biology and conservation for 1000’s of visitors to the center, numerous talks in our schools, and he has done an excellent job.  When we began this …

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Rattlesnakes   There are few words that strike more fear in humans than the word ‘SNAKE!’, but ‘RATTLESNAKE!’ may be one of them.  In Florida we have three species of rattlesnakes but when people talk of them they are generally speaking of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus).  The legends and stories of this animal …

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