4-H & FFA Livestock Show and Sale Planned at New 4-H Barns in Molino

UF/IFAS Extension and Escambia Board of County Commissioners are excited to announce the completion of the 4-H Barns on the new 4-H Property located at 5701 Hwy 99 in Molino, Florida. This property is dedicated to the mission of Escambia County 4-H. The first Youth Livestock Show and Sale will take place on April 18th, hosted …

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Health Alerts Issued for Five Bodies of Water

This is probably no surprise.  With the amount of rain this week the salinities have dropped, particularly in Bayou Chico, and the bacteria counts have climbed, particularly at Oriole Beach in Santa Rosa County.  Health Alerts have been issued for the following bodies of water: Big Lagoon, Bayou Grande, Bayou Texar, Bayou Chico, and Oriole …

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Overirrigated Lawns

One of the most common issues with lawns is irrigating too much. It is obvious when rainfall occurs that the sprinkler system should be off. Even before this week of rainfall, homeowners were watering too much. The result during this time of year is stressed turf that easily is taken over by root diseases. These …

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Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day Derby is Open for Lionfish!

FWC’s Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day is about a month away but for those interested in entering the derby you can submit lionfish right now.  To learn more about the process and how to register visit the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition http://www.gulfcoastlionfish.com/.  

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4-H Animal Science Projects Promote Life Skills Development

4-H is a non-formal, practical educational program for youth. It is the youth development program of Florida Cooperative Extension, which is a part of the University of Florida IFAS. The Florida Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development program uses a learn-by-doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become …

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Yellow Turf in Spring

There are many lawns currently in the spring green up phase that show streaks and patches of yellow turf.  This is a common issue in North Florida when applications of nitrogen fertilizer are made before the recommended time of April 15.  When turf is fertilized with nitrogen too early in the season it causes growth.  Unfortunately, …

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Alligators Become More Active in Spring

The American Alligator is an icon of the state of Florida. Viewed on the program “Swamp People” and as the mascot of the University of Florida, most visitors to our state see this animal more on television than in the wild; but they are certainly there. In need of mates and calories from the lack …

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“Wanted” Sighting of Horseshoe Crabs!

These curious ancient animals have been roaming the waters of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico for over 450 million years. Though they appear dangerous they are quite harmless and are actually more closely related to spiders and scorpions than crabs. Horseshoe crabs are not as common in Pensacola as they are in Panama City …

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What You Can Do About Bats in a Building

Most of us know that insect eating bats are beneficial but most of us are not crazy about having them in our buildings.  There are safe methods for excluding bats but the FWC requires they be in place at least 4 days.  They also require that they be completely removed by maternity season (which runs …

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Outdoor Adventure is Nearby!

This time of year, many families are looking for ways to entertain their kids during spring break. For those not planning to travel far, our area is full of fun, and often inexpensive, outdoor adventures. As part of a series of field excursions led by Extension Agents over the past few years, we’ve been able …

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