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Volunteering In 4-H Educates and Inspires Youth and Adults – Join Us!


4-H means diversity in Florida…

If you thought you knew all about 4H, think again. 4-H has evolved since its inception in the early 1900’s. While the principles have  remained constant, the activities and projects have kept pace with the times to   appeal to new generations of youth. 4-H is not just a program for farm kids. 4-H   provides programs in cities and suburbs as well as in rural and farming areas.   It encompasses a wide range of projects to include the culturally diverse interest of youth all across Florida. Local clubs often plan and conduct their own events. Professional staff work with youth and adult volunteers to develop   programs based on the specific needs of each Florida county. There’s no   “one-size-fits-all” approach for a state as diverse as Florida!

Because we are growing…

We need your help! Join 4-H as a volunteer leader and pass along your expertise to a generation of young people. Each of  us has lived a unique life — traveling different roads, seeing different   things. We’ve experienced the world in our own way, giving each of us a unique   blend of perspective, knowledge, skills and talents. We’ve learned many of   life’s lessons on our own, and some we’ve been taught by others. Just think how   much the next generation could benefit from your lifetime of experience.

Interested in being a volunteer? Find out more at http://escambia.ifas.ufl.edu/4h/volunteering/

And at the monthly web trainings sponsored by the Northwest District of Florida 4-H. New and seasoned volunteers can learn from these trainings and will be better equipped to join a revolution of youth and adults working to influence their community and each other’s lives in positive ways. JOIN US!


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