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UF Study Shows Pristine Ecosystems Reduce Nitrogen in Water

Environmental scientists have known for years that excessive organic matter in a system can contribute to excessive nitrogen loads.  Though aquatic plants need nitrogen excessive amounts can lead to algal blooms which in turn lead to reduce light for submerged plants and low dissolved oxygen, which can lead to fish kills.  In heavily vegetated areas …

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Improving Water Quality: Part 5 of 5 – Monitoring

In our five part series on improving water quality in Pensacola Bay we have discussed the problems our bay is facing, how you can re-landscape your yard to reduce runoff, how to develop a living shoreline if you are a waterfront property owner, and how boaters and marinas can reduce their impact.  The last installment …

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Heavy Rain Brings Water Quality Concerns – Part I of 5: Introduction

During the past two summers Pensacola saw extensive rainfall.  Residents will often notice the increase in turbid (muddy) water.  This is sometimes followed by health advisories and, in extreme cases, fish kills.  Residents and visitors alike become concerned about how safe it is to swim and fish in these waters and their use declines.  These …

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Improving Water Quality; bringing back the bayous

Those who have lived in the Pensacola area for many years will remember the days when our local bayous were places people water skiied, kids learned to swim, and fishermen brought home plenty of speckled trout.  But today we see little of this.  Water quality within our bayous has declined to a point that the …

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